Neck Pain

Drug-Free Pain Relief for Neck Pain, Headaches, Whiplash & Numbness

Without effective treatment, chronic neck pain, whiplash injuries, headaches and numbness can seriously compromise your quality of life. If you suffer from throbbing pain, stiffness or restricted mobility, difficulty sleeping at night, or general poor help, chiropractic care can help. Our Royal Oak chiropractor Dr. Facca uses the ProAdjuster to safely restore correct alignment to the cervical spine and relieve neck pain. The ProAdjuster provides safe, gentle and precise adjustments that bring correct alignment back to the spine. By alleviating nerve interference and soft tissue compression, ProAdjuster treatments will get you back to living a healthy, active and pain-free life.

What causes chronic neck pain and headaches?

Many different factors can cause neck pain. For example, poor posture can strain the neck. If you lean forward frequently while working on a computer or looking at a smartphone, this forward pull of your head will stress the cervical vertebra. Over time, this unnatural posture can lead to disc damage and result in a cervical spine misalignment. For other patients, a traumatic accident injury, like whiplash, may result in a cervical spine misalignment. The force of a rear-accident injury can “whip” the neck backwards and forwards beyond the cervical spine’s normal range of motion. This misalignment may place pressure on nearby nerves, triggering headaches, causing numbness, and reducing range of motion.

How will chiropractic care and the ProAdjuster treat neck pain?

As long as your cervical spine remains misaligned, you will continue to suffer from pain, headaches, numbness and reduced mobility. While medication can help provide a temporary relief for this pain, drugs alone are not a long-term treatment solution. Drugs work by numbing the brain’s ability to perceive pain. Once the medication wears off, the pain will return. Chiropractic care is different. Gentle adjustments bring proper alignment back to the cervical spine, correcting the hyperflexion and hyperextension that is causing your pain.

If you are visiting a chiropractor for the first time, it’s natural to feel a bit intimidated or anxious at the prospect of having your spine cracked or popped. When receiving treatment for neck pain at Facca Chiropractic, there is no need to worry about pops or cracks. That’s because the ProAdjuster is a different approach to chiropractic care. The ProAdjuster will safely bring correct alignment back to your spine with a gentle touch. There are no popping noises, cracking or discomfort. Most importantly, the ProAdjuster allows our chiropractor Dr. Facca to make a far more precise adjustment than previously possible with traditional chiropractic care.

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At Facca Chiropractic, our mission is simple: treat every patient with respect and provide long-term pain relief by treating the root cause for your discomfort. If chronic neck pain has compromised your quality of life, Dr. Facca and our Royal Oak chiropractic team can help.

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