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Gentle Care: The ProAdjuster System at Facca Chiropractic Clinic

When it comes to dealing with back and neck pain, there are a wide range of treatment options available. However, not everyone feels comfortable with the idea of traditional manual adjustment, and some just can’t fathom the “cracks and pops” associated with generalized chiropractic services. In these cases, a different care approach is often needed.

Thankfully, the Sigma Instruments ProAdjuster system offers a gentle, non-invasive way to diagnose and treat a range of disorders, including low back pain. In fact, the equipment is safe for just about everyone, including young children and the elderly.

Here are a few bits of information to know about the equipment and how it helps our patients at Facca Chiropractic Clinic.

What is the ProAdjuster System?

The Sigma Instruments ProAdjuster system is a technologically advanced equipment piece designed to help chiropractors determine issues with the spine. A special u-shaped device is used to tap each vertebrae along the seated patient’s back, while a computer system linked to the tool helps diagnose certain issues. The software gives the doctor an indication of an exact point where there’s an issue, which then allows him the opportunity to focus on just that area.

This is quite different from traditional chiropractic care in that it is so precise. Where most chiropractors have to estimate where a trouble spot is and then treat accordingly, the ProAdjuster tool allows Dr. Facca the ability to tailor the adjustment to the patient’s exact spinal needs.

How Does the ProAdjuster System Help Patients?

Utilizing this equipment as part of the practice is crucial to helping patients achieve optimum health. One of the best things about the ProAdjuster system is that it is really that precise. This helps patients by allowing Dr. Facca the ability to pinpoint trouble spots without having to perform more invasive procedures or uncomfortable manual adjustments.

Time is another factor. The whole thing only takes a few minutes and patients usually see improvement within only a few short sessions. For those dealing with chronic pain issues, the increased treatment level and ability to customize care is paramount.

Can the ProAdjuster System Help with More Than Just Back Pain?

Although initially designed for spine disorders, patients have seen a variety of different benefits from utilizing the ProAdjuster system as part of their treatment plan. Facca Chiropractic Clinic patients and those around the world have reported lessened migraine pain, allergy reductions, and an overall increased quality of health after undergoing treatments that include this specialized equipment. The system can even be used on knees, shoulders, hips, and other problem areas.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for ProAdjuster Treatment?

Just about everyone is an ideal candidate for the ProAdjuster treatment. This gentle care process has been performed on babies, seniors, and just about everyone in between because of how non-invasive it really is.

Find out more about the ProAdjuster system. Contact or knowledgeable and friendly team at Facca Chiropractic Clinic to schedule your appointment.